Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welcome to Cadence Cast

For a while now, while doing Illegal Argument, I have wanted to have an idea what other developers out there are really using for their Development Stacks - how do they solve problems? What tools are they using? Has the panacea of Continuous Deployment been reached? Do they have test teams? How do they work with them? Support? Operations? All of these questions really get to the heart of what it is like doing Software Development day in and day out. The rhythm of Development, its Cadence if you will.

This podcast isn't about Methodologies - although they will come up. It isn't about Maven, although some may use it. It isn't about Java, or the JVM, although some may use it.  It isn't about "Architecture". It isn't even about Customers.

Richard Vowles works for Blue Train Software, a software mentor who develops in Java and Groovy on the JVM, doing AngularJS/CSS/HTML5 on the client side. Richard is interested in making teams work better, communicate better, deliver better and look forward to where software needs to be. All those things that happen not just because a Customer wants it, but because they need to happen.

Mark works for SMX Email - and he came up with the name (as he always does) after I described what I wanted to do. He may join me sometimes. He may do the interview sometimes. He is often busy being awesome.

We are looking for people and teams to interview - it will probably be quite hard as often, particularly in larger companies, people can't talk about their development, often people get embarrassed if they aren't doing all of the CMMI levels, but thats not really what its about. Interviews when done will get put together and sliced by myself (or Mark if he is in the mood to help) and presented to the interviewees. They can listen, take it to their bosses, whatever they like - they have final say in the cutting process.

Here's looking forward to some real software developers talking about real software development.

Richard, a rainy wintry August night, 2013.