Friday, 4 July 2014

Interview 1 - Yellow

Welcome to the first recording!

In this episode, some of the development team at Yellow agreed to talk to me about how they take requirements through the development, build, test and deployment lifecycle. As I explain in the recording, I managed to arrive early but couldn't find parking - poor planning on my part!

You will notice that there is a slight skip at the start - I realized I wasn't recording so at the end I asked everyone to introduce themselves again and dragged that back to  the start.

They hung around, and were great to talk to - the interview went pretty well. Please feel free to post questions on Google+ for Michael and the team.

Its the first one I have done outside of Chez Derricutt (the "recording studio") for some time, and so the levels weren't too good.

Almost forgot to mention - Music by Snake Eats Electric Blanket - For Teetering Bulbs - you can download it and the rest of the album here.